Hubert De Watrigant, 'Straight from the Studio', 2022

Hubert De Watrigant, 'Straight from the Studio', 2022

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Straight from the Studio

''Since my last exhibition four years ago, I thought I would give my pencils and brushes a rest, but I found myself spending whole days painting. In the quietness of my studio and the surrounding landscapes, my work has been transformed in a peaceful way. ‘’Repeat, again and again,” a colleague told me. So, I persevered, without worrying about pleasing people, without any precise project and without any commercial goal, my painting was then able to find other themes to renew itself without losing my touch. And probably for the first time, a total freedom was found. During these four years, my work found a peaceful rhythm and I was able to produce numerous paintings without the feeling of pressure which made me deeply happy. I am a painter, and I don’t know how to do anything else!

A year ago, Geoffrey came to visit me in France. He seemed interested in my work, but the idea of an exhibition was not my goal. I no longer had the anxiety of a blank canvas, which allowed me to move on to new subjects while waiting for the right moment. However, this did not prevent dead ends and destroyed or covered canvases! For us artists, doubt remains our daily companion. A painter’s life, subject to the silent tyranny of the studio was now accepted! It was time! Time – no doubt the major element in this evolution.

A year later Geoffrey returned, and he must have been very convincing as I let him leave with about forty works! The studio was emptied and now my works had left for a new destiny which I did not know! Long live what was four years of my life, which has created a unique collection of studio works for which I am very proud of!''

Hubert de Watrigant, 2022

Hubert De Watrigant, 'Straight from the Studio', 2022