Hubert de Watrigant

Hubert de Watrigant

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Hubert de Watrigant is widely regarded as a world leader in racing and equestrian art. He is an artist of truly outstanding talent and a legend amongst international horse painters. Hubert comes from a distinguished racing family, and his early passion studying horses in his father’s stables developed into a lifelong obsession.

Each painting speaks of de Watrigant’s deep appreciation and knowledge of his métier, and yet they are fearless, passionate and unexpected. Oil, gouache, watercolour and ink help him to create contemporary compositions and depict instinctive moments. ‘I don’t focus on the main event and principle actions, I prefer to linger on details. I am more interested in the jockey adjusting a stirrup or the lad waiting for his horse.’ In this respect there are distinct similarities with both Degas and Toulouse -Lautrec.

Represented by the gallery for over twenty years, here we exhibit fifty new works and are delighted to welcome him back for an eighth sensational show.

It is the art of the choreographer which instantly distinguishes the evocative and highly individual work of Hubert de Watrigant. The beauty of a réunion (as the French neatly term an assembly of racecourse action) is encapsulated in a colourful, fluid, ballet-like interpretation.

Hubert’s artistic talent is supported by extensive knowledge of the thoroughbred, shared with other members of a renowned horse orientated family.

The gallery is delighted to again show the work of this internationally acclaimed and remarkably talented artist.

-The late Sir Peter O’Sullevan CBE

Hubert de Watrigant