Michelle Pearson Cooper

Michelle Pearson Cooper

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WINGS AND BRUSH STROKES, 18th October - 11th November 2023

Adrian Houston, Photographer

As a photographer, you must understand your subject in order to capture its true nature. Michelle’s work achieves the incredible feat of capturing the natural world – our animal planet – with a remarkable truth to nature. This extraordinary collection of new work not only captivates the senses but also serves as a powerful reminder of our planet’s delicate balance. These mesmerizing paintings by Michelle possess a unique gift – the ability to channel her deep connection to nature onto the canvas.

In a world increasingly consumed by concrete jungles and disconnected from its natural roots, Michelle embarks on a profound journey, using her brushstrokes to transcribe the beauty and fragility of the natural world. Each mark on the canvas embodies a passionate plea for conservation, a vivid reminder that we hold the key to safeguarding the world’s precious ecosystems and the endangered species that inhabit them. The artist’s decision to give each animal its own space, its own canvas, brings forth a profound urgency in her works. By shining a light through her connection to nature, these paintings serve as a rallying cry, reminding us of the consequences of our actions. The visual journey you will embark on, a spectrum of emotion, is echoed by the vibrant use of colour. Through her paintings, Michelle aims to inspire others to appreciate and respect the incredible wildlife found especially in the Eastern Cape South Africa.

Spending time in the natural world truly allows us to disconnect from daily pressures and immerse ourselves in the present moment, fostering a sense of peace and tranquility. This exhibition will inspire us all to connect with and understand her subjects and, hopefully, bring us that bit closer to nature, Michelle’s artistic interpretation inspiring those who are lucky enough to experience this wonderful exhibition.

Geoffrey Hughes Osborne Studio Gallery, 2023

I first met Michelle maybe thirty years ago, and at the time she specialized in painting dogs and very good they were too. For some years we lost touch, However I started to hear that her chosen artistic path had become wildlife painting, and when I saw this new work I was thunderstruck at her ability to capture the grace, the speed, and the immediacy of her subjects. It was quite out of the ordinary.

I persuaded her to come back to the OSG, and this is now her third exhibition which we are proud to present. We believe Michelle to be outstanding in this field, she has a distinct advantage of course of spending most of the Winter months in Southern Africa where her subjects are to be found and she searches high and low for them. Her passion is reflected in her work and leads us to a natural world of wonder and reality.

This exhibition proves to us Michelle’s deep understanding and insight and it’s a pleasure for us to host her yet again.

Michelle Pearson Cooper