Jonathan Armigel Wade

Jonathan Armigel Wade

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The celebrated artist Paul Maze, Churchill’s painting companion and tutor, used to say you have to look for the curve in any landscape, and Jonathan has excelled in this. Indeed the word cuvispective has been invented for him. It enables Jonathan to excel in his often quirky paintings of British life and landscapes, something so close to his heart.

His frames are usually made by the artist and often the rear of them is painted scarlet. He is particularly influenced by work of Claude Lorrain, Turner, Gainsborough, Stanley Spencer and Carel Weight.

Educated at Lancing College, St Andrews University (MA 1983) and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst from Berlin, Canada and the Gulf War of 1990/91. He retired as a Captain in May 1991 and became a painter. married 1986 Marie- Louise Maze, granddaughter of the Franco/British painter Paul Maze, one son, one daughter. Currently lives and works in the village of Irby in N.E Lincolnshire UK.

He undertook various painting trips including; India 1979, Pakistan 1982& 1983, Bosnia 1994 and Iraq 2004. Jonathan Amigel Wade is not a member of any Artists organisations or groups. Since about 2003 he has used his middle name as well as his first in order to avoid confusion with the deceased Irish painter also called 'Jonathan Wade'.

His paintings are represented in various British regimental museums and notably in the National Army Museum in London, also in many private collections in the USA, UK and Europe.

He has exhibited at Paris Salon 1991. Cognac 1991 and 1992. Clarges Gallery London 1993,94,96,2000 2004, Alchemy Gallery London 1998, Sherwin Gallery Essex 07,08,09, Arndean Gallery Cork St, London 2008, and at several UK provincial galleries.

Jonathan Armigel Wade