Lucy Dickens

Lucy Dickens

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Lucy has always been a great favourite with the Osborne Studio Gallery; it is therefore long overdue, that after a 10 year break, we are again holding an exhibition of this artists work. Her unique style which is now only slightly varied by a greater injection of colour – ‘colour makes me optimistic’ she says- adds a new dimension to this body of work.

The bohemian edginess of her oil paintings conveys decadent hotel foyers, flamboyant bars and subtle glimpses of life behind the façade. A recent trip to New York has produced a tremendous series of inspired paintings, a city, which of course, is right up her street.

Lucy admits not to being a scholar of her Great Great Grandfather Charles Dickens, and yet she is understandable enormously proud of her heritage- he was just ‘so clever and wonderful’ she says. Her sharp eye and acute observation of social interaction and energy of the human species is palpable- she is unquestionably a chip of the old block.

The Osborne Studio Gallery is greatly looking forward to Lucy’s return to Motcomb Street.

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Lucy Dickens