Lincoln Seligman

Lincoln Seligman

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This year has meant many unwelcome changes

for most people. And many have had to endure

cataclysmic upheavals. I would have to count myself

as comparatively fortunate. Sadly I had to forego

working in my Rajasthan studio on the edge of a lake.

I moved full time to my studio in the Cotswolds where

I found that lockdown was a welcome antidote to the

usual distractions. It enforced a change of perspective

but, as it turned out, no reduction in things to paint.

An English hedgerow in summer is a worthy match

for an Indian market or a festival of colour. I still had

a wealth of Indian images which I have drawn on.

But I also enjoyed looking more acutely at my immediate

surroundings. And there was no shortage of time to walk

in the wonderful landscapes around me, encouraged by

my dog, a true aesthete.

The gallery have, as always, been generous in allowing

me a loose rein. So the exhibition includes a slightly

oblique look at life in India, walks through the summer

hedgerows at home, and a bid for freedom in Venice.

The maxim ‘Ars Longa, Vita Brevis‘ is perhaps a little

sombre. But I’ve chosen to read it as an encouragement.

Painting has so far seen me through these difficult times.

I hope you enjoy the results.

Lincoln Seligman