Mao Wen Biao

Mao Wen Biao

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9th March - 1st April 2023

We are absolutely delighted to be able to exhibit this fabulous collection of paintings by the remarkable Mao Wen Biao. They were purchased by a collector and friend of the gallery’s almost twenty years ago, he now wants to give others the opportunity of owning and enjoying them.

Mao is indeed a remarkable artist and amongst his many accolades is creating the largest painting painted in the world in the second half of the twentieth century, it is 60 ft high by 180 ft long and is on permanent display in the Military Museum in Beijing. He has painted many other monumental works including in the Ritz, Holland Park, and the RAC Club. It is however, in painting the sport of horseracing, that we and many believe he excels. He encapsulates the thrill of the sport in the most dynamic of fashions; it is the energy and exhilaration of racing that truly inspires him. These paintings have won him army of dedicated and enthusiastic collectors, who are struck by the immediacy and vibrancy of his powerful images, interestingly he captures the attention of many collectors from outside the racing world.

Mao’s paintings are unmistakable in style, and provide an exciting and contemporary challenge to more traditional sporting art. We are delighted and honored to once again be showing the work of this formidable artist.

Mao Wen Biao