Lincoln Seligman

Lincoln Seligman

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Lincoln Seligman’s influence within the art world has been significant. He was best known for his monumental site specific murals, mobiles and abstract installations, many sited in high profile landmarks around the world. In the last few years however, the persuasive powers of his heart and head have pointed him firmly in the direction of painting.

His outstanding use of vibrant colour and form are totally suited to his subject matter which reflects his love of travel to those exotic and sensual parts of the world, where enormous cultural diversity holds sway.Lincoln has acknowledged that his recent trips to India and Sri Lanka have been the most overwhelming of his life. The relative calmness of the coastline and jungles of Sri Lanka offer a soothing balm to the senses; India in contrast embodies the extremes of scale in its society, architecture and landscape that he finds so entrancing- “never a dull moment” he says. His return to India was encouraged by a collection of letters from his mother’s godfather Rudyard Kipling- much of Kipling’s India is long gone but much remains says Seligman.

Since his return he has hardly been able to put down his brushes. We are fortunate to have the intoxicating result of that work here in the Osborne Studio Gallery.

It is, I believe a magnificent exhibition, I very much hope you will agree.

Geoffrey Hughes

Manging Director

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Lincoln Seligman