Hester Van Wijngaarden and Tom Hiscocks

Hester Van Wijngaarden and Tom Hiscocks

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My personal interest relates to constancy and change in nature, and to the layers of life and experience that makes each of us who we are. The same thing can be experienced by different people in different ways. So it is the suggestion of what happens inside that interests me. I approach my work exploring the ways in which I can reflect these ideas, making most of my work in layers. I want my work to change as the angle of view changes, and as the context that they are placed in changes, in the same way that we can change according to our state of mind, and where we find ourselves. My Background I spent the first few years of my work life with racehorses as stable lad, assistant trainer and jockey, working in the UK; Ireland; Australia and the USA. When I chose art as my career path, I studied initially at The Slade summer school, and then at The Cambridge Art School (BA Hons Fine Art), where I achieved a firstclass degree, and was awarded the Fine Art Prize in my year group for my degree show. My work has since been exhibited in solo and shared exhibitions across the UK and Europe and appears in private and public collections across the UK, Europe, America, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Exhibiting at OSG I have thoroughly enjoyed working with OSG over the last few years, so it is a real pleasure to bring together a range of my latest work in this exhibition. My thanks to Geoffrey and Issy. I hope you find the work here engaging, and I would be delighted if it served as the start of a new conversation.


Hester van Wijngaarden has worked with the Osborne Studio Gallery since 2008 and is known for her three favourite subjects: horses, bulls and elephants. She works exclusively in oil on canvas. Her style is principally based on light and form, and appears both contemporary as well as figurative. Abstract backgrounds are crucial to her paintings. Born in the Netherlands, Hester began drawing at a young age, she then went on to study History of Art at University. It was during her studies that she realised the practice of art was what she loved, rather than its history, and it has now been her profession for over thirty years. Since the early 1990’s she has developed her own style, however she also found during her career that meeting other contemporary artists like Pierre Soulages or Fabienne Verdier was enormously helpful when establishing her artistic approach. Hester has received many awards for her work in France, where she regularly exhibits, and where she has lived since 1988. She has also spent time in Spain, Germany and England, where many collectors follow her work keenly. In addition to this, her work has been shown in China, Switzerland, the USA and Chile. In 2006 Hester began painting horses. Since then, her work has been exhibited at the Equestrian World Games in Caen in 2014, and at the Haras du Pin in 2018. Hester’s distinctive style is much sought after for horse portrait commissions. She now lives in the South of France near Carcasonne, and its surrounding environment is a vital source of inspiration for her work which is dedicated to capturing nature and animals.

Hester Van Wijngaarden and Tom Hiscocks