Binkele, Eddery and Zaefferer, 2023

Binkele, Eddery and Zaefferer, 2023

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Lina Binkele, Columbia

It is Lina Binkele’s profound understanding of and fascination with the relationship between humans and animals that inspire her images of horses. Not only does she see the horse as one of the most majestic of creations, she is interested in describing the image of the horse as the embodiment of a symbolic language that reveals much about the character of human actions. Humans ask horses to do many things and be many things that build upon their instincts – especially their well-developed social instincts.

Horses understand the nature of dominance and submission, as do humans. The history of the horse is the history of mankind. It is Lina Binkele’s intention to move beyond the mere representation of the horse’s physical traits and the exploitation of its physical beauty. Furthermore, she never uses the form of the horse as a vehicle for humanisation (or dehumanisation). Her art is created with the intention of rescuing the horse from human dominance and celebrating its intelligence and beauty.

Nichola Eddery, England

Nichola’s passion for art, horses and the classical world started early. From being born into a racing family and bought up on a stud, Nichola was either sketching her four legged friends, or on the back of her pony. After leaving school, she dedicated many years to traditional training in drawing and painting at renowned ateliers in Italy, France and America. It was during this time that her deep appreciation for classical art began to develop. Over the past two decades, Eddery’s primary focus has been the horse; she has exhibited in London and internationally, including four solo shows, and many group exhibitions and produced bespoke work for clients worldwide.

Nichola’s new body of work fuses her love for mythology, the horse and other animals using symbolism to depict classical myth drawing on an Asian-inspired atheistic.

Adriana Zaefferer, Argentina

‘’Since I was very young I became devoted to nature, and mad about horses. The best moment of my life growing up in the mountain ranges of Argentina, was when local Mapuche friends found my first horse, a mare. They taught me to ride, through tiny mountain passages, and sky high to reach the tallest and most distant rocks.

I grew up with the Mapuches, who would lead me into the unknown. Sometimes we would ride for days, more than a hundred kilometres, living in the wild. There were moments of profound communication with nature, with colours of such intensity, that are for ever imprinted on my mind and in my soul.

Horses are an everyday passion. What fascinates me about horses is their movements, their action. You never see them in a vulgar or disagreeable pose. I have spent hours sitting on the grass, observing them, listening, feeling the tiniest move or scent. This is the most important part of my story. My paintings are the inner expression of my love for horses, their action, their attitude and their form, have always been a most wonderful inspiration for me to capture the beauty and the power of the most aesthetic creature on earth.’’

Binkele, Eddery and Zaefferer, 2023