Three Argentine Visions

Three Argentine Visions

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We are delighted to present, Adriana Zaefferer, Hernan Alvarez Forn and Florencia Fernandez Alonso in THREE ARGENTINE VISIONS.

My paintings are the inner expression of my love for horse, and their action, their attitude and their looks, have always been a most wonderful inspiration for me to capture the beauty and the power of the mot aesthetic creature on earth.
Adriana Zaefferer

Since my childhood surrounded by horses, my vision as a sculptor is that the animal has to reflect nerve, action, power and beauty all together.
Hernan Alvarez Forn

Words do not come easy to me, I express myself better through painting. When I paint, I open my hear, I shut off my mind and my hands dance freely on the canvas in an enduring instant of creative 'automatism'. Thus, in every work, I open a door in the viewers imagination for them to enjoy the flow of emotions that the composition arouses in them.
Florencia Fernandez Alonso

The full exhibition will be available to view online Tuesday 21st April.

Three Argentine Visions