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Forthcoming Exhibition

24th September – 11th October
Jonathan Wylder

Launching a new collection of works by acclaimed British Sculptor Jonathan Wylder, the first for 3 years. Featuring emotive pieces of both the male and the female form, as well as studies of children and horses.

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Previous Exhibition

17th June – 12th July, 2014
Impressions of the Turf

Annual Impressions of the Turf exhibition, featuring artists: Sarah Aspinall, Nichola Eddery, Tom Hoar, Jeremy Houghton, Elie Lambert, Michelle McCullagh and David Trundley.

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About the Gallery

The Osborne Studio Gallery specialises in sporting paintings and bronzes by leading contemporary artists, with an emphasis on horse racing, and has additionally branched out over the years to handle the works of many respected landscape and figurative painters...

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