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Current Exhibition

9th April – 3rd May
Sophie Walbeoffe
Golden Jerusalem, our splintered world

Travelling artist Sophie Walbeoffe engages us in her recent exploration of Jerusalem, her home for the past two years. With a new found abstraction Walbeoffe’s paintings have gained a depth of colour and emotion which highlights the beauty of this fascinating landscape and its people.

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Previous Exhibition

26th March – 3rd April
Lincoln Seligman

Lincoln Seligman, an exciting exhibition emanating from his extensive travels around the globe. Known for his use of vibrant colour and form, his paintings encompass landscapes, racing and wine and his well known backview ‘portraits’ of turbaned heads, cardinals, monks and maharajas.

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About the Gallery

The Osborne Studio Gallery specialises in sporting paintings and bronzes by leading contemporary artists, with an emphasis on horse racing, and has additionally branched out over the years to handle the works of many respected landscape and figurative painters...

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